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FAQ - Pig?


Question #1

How much will one pig sell for?

As this is an auction we cannot guarantee a price by any means, but the bidding is planned to start at $200 per pig plus the approx. cutting charges of $250 will give you a grand total of $450 for a pig.

Question #2

How much meat will I receive?

It all depends on the pig, but we estimate that you will receive between 120 - 150 pounds of pork.

Question #3

What kind of cuts can I get?

There are many cuts of meat available to you from a pig. Ontario pork has a great online resouce about Pork Cuts that can show you what's available from a pig. A copy of the Canadian Fresh Pork cut chart will also be available at the event.

Question #4

How long will it take to butcher the pig?

The finished meat should be ready for you to pickup in about 2 weeks, depending on how complicated your order is. We will call you when your meat is ready for pickup.

Question #5

How much will the pig weigh (before butchered)?

We estimate that the pigs will weigh around 250 pounds by the auction date.

Question #6

What time will it start & how long?

The first part of the day is planned to start around 10am. The day should wrap up around 2pm.

Question #7

Who is the butcher?

Mark Ridderikhoff of Ridderikhoff's Meat Products LTD will be cutting and packing the meat for you.

Question #8

What are the pigs fed?

We feed the pigs twice a day. Their diet (not the lack of food type of diet) consists of Corn, Soya Beans (Soya Meal & Roasted Soya Beans), Flax Seed, Fruits & Veggies from the garden, left over maple kettle corn from the farmers markets we attend, along with grass and roots from the pasture.

Question #9

Do I have to transport the pig to the butcher?

No. We are aranging all transportation, you will be able to pickup your pork at the farm when it is finished.

Question #10

How old are the pigs?

By mid-October the pigs will be about 7 months old, which is slightly older then the pork you purchase at the grocery store.

Question #11

Are the pigs organic?

The pigs are not "organic" due to the fact that we are not a certified organic farm. However the pigs are drug & hormone free.

Question #12

How much does it cost per pound?

As this is an auction we cannot predict a cost per pound. The bidding is planned to start at $200. On average you will get 70% of the live weight back in pork, and with the estimated weight of 250 pounds and adding on the cutting charges this translates to a starting bid of $2.57 per pound of finished pork.

Question #13

Why would I buy it here instead of the grocery store?

If knowing where your food comes from is important to you and if you like the idea of the 100 mile diet, then this is a great opportunity for you. Not only are you getting great LOCAL pork, you also get to meet the people who raise it for you.

Question #14

Where were the pigs raised?

The pigs are being raised in a pasture on our farm, which doesn't resemble much of a pasture these days due to the fact that pigs love to dig.

Question #15

Does the meat taste different between male & female?


Question #16

How many of the pigs are male/female?

We have 6 male pigs and 6 female pigs.

Question #17

Did any of the females give birth?

No. Pigs raised for meat do not usually get bread because this is not ideal for quality meat.

Question #18

How many piglets are in a litter?

On average there are 12 piglets in a litter.

Question #19

How much food does a pig eat each day?

A LOT! They are pigs after all.

Question #20

What is the likely percentage of fat on the meat?

We cannot say for sure until after they are butchered, but being they are pasture raised it will be less then the pork purchased at the grocery store.

Question #21

What size family would a pig feed?

If a family of 4 ate from your bounty of pork twice a week, it would last approximately 6 months.

If you have any additional questions pertaining to our Pig Auction please do not hesitate to contact us.

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