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Our Environment

From energy conservation to composting and recycling, we take bold steps wherever possible to preserve our planet.


Energy efficient LED spotlights are replacing halogen spotlights in The Maple Sweet Shop, reducing our yearly electricity consumption.


A great deal of fuel must burn in order to boil the water laden sap into 100% Pure Maple Syrup. Aware of the environmental impact of fossil fuels, we've opted to not follow the path of many modern maple producers that heat their evaporators with oil. Instead, we follow the pioneers' example and heat with wood from dead or overcrowded trees in our sugarbush. The ash from this renewable fuel is then used to enrich the soil of crop fields.


To reduce waste, our packaging is done in-house, on-demand. Labels are printed with water based ink to eliminate harmful solvents from entering the environment. 

Restaurant Waste

As do most restaurants, our Pancake House accumulates a great deal of waste capable of stamping a large mark on the environment. That’s why we sort all biodegradable waste, from paper products to leftover food, to be composted on site and recycled as fertilizer for the fields. All plastic recycling is taken to a local recycling facility and processed into something new. We’ve reduced the waste we send to the landfill by over 75%!


Our farm workshop hits its highest energy demand during the cold winter months. To cut down our carbon imprint, we installed a solar heating system to supplement our current heating system in 2009.

When you support businesses like ours that take steps to preserve our environment, you take a step to ensure a sustainable future and a greener tomorrow.


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