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4 Flavours of Maple Syrup - 400ml

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There's more than one quality flavour of 100% Pure Maple Syrup on our farm -- there's four, from gentle to bold

We don't have only one flavour of nutrient rich maple syrup made 100% pure and simple -- Thanks to a natural change in the sap during the sugar season, we have four flavours. The Light hails a pale golden colour with a gentle maple tone, ideal drizzled over yogurt. The Medium is the crisp golden syrup and taste most everyone thinks of as maple syrup. The Amber kicks the maple up a notch with a full-bodied maple tone and a dark amber colour that's still a winner over pancakes. The Dark is your ideal coffee sweetener with a strong maple taste and almost black colour, often considered too powerful for pancakes but perfect in baking. Our 4 Flavours of Maple Syrup pack comes with four 100ml plastic jugs, with one of each flavour of maple syrup, snugly tucked in a plastic seal and accompanied with a description of the flavours and a few fun maple recipes. The 4 Flavours of Maple Syrup is a must try and the perfect gift for anyone that's yet to experience the distinct contrast of 100% Pure Maple Syrup's four natural flavours.

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