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Maple Nougat - Soft

Maple Nougat - Soft

100-grams of gentle bites loaded with YUMmmm Learn More
Maple Nougat - Crunchy

Maple Nougat - Crunchy

100-grams of "CRUNCH" followed by "YUMmmm" Learn More


  • Stuff To Do / Discover Maple / Country Picnic

    {{widget type="revslider/slider_preview" id="11"}} After your walk in the forest, sit down to a rustic picnic lunch of authentic Canadian specialties... We provide the food, basket and blanket - all you need to...

  • Maple Facts / Grades of Maple Syrup

    We carry four grades of 100% Pure Maple Syrup. It's commonly thought that these grades refer to the quality of the syrup or how it's boiled. That's not the case...

  • Services / Custom Labels / Details

    An idea as simple as a colour, word or image is all we need to turn the creative wheels. We’ll even craft one design concept for you, no strings attached,...

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