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7g Sugar Leaf

7g Sugar Leaf

It doesn't get more Canadian than this. Our 100% Pure Maple Sugar molded into an iconic maple leaf Learn More


  • Services / Custom Labels / Details

    An idea as simple as a colour, word or image is all we need to turn the creative wheels. We’ll even craft one design concept for you, no strings attached,...

  • Services / Taffy on Snow

    When talking Canadian traditions, few are as iconic or sweeter to Canadian’s hearts than Taffy-on-Snow. Since its pioneer roots, Taffy-on-Snow has been enjoyed by Canadians and international visitors, from the...

  • About Us / History

    1937 - The Bering family settles on 200 acres of cropland and forest nestled amongst rolling meadows. Here they raise dairy cows, juice grapes and cash crops. The meadows just...

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