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Taffy on Snow

When talking Canadian traditions, few are as iconic or sweeter to Canadian’s hearts than Taffy-on-Snow. Since its pioneer roots, Taffy-on-Snow has been enjoyed by Canadians and international visitors, from the little tykes in the family, to grandma and grandpa, and everyone in between. With us, Taffy-on-Snow has been savoured as the delicate specialty treat at formal corporate events, to the lip-smacking-good pitstop snack on Christmas Candlelight Strolls. Let us share a little Canadian sweetness with your special group.

Everyone on your guestlist can delight in the complete maple Taffy-on-Snow experience, as they witness with their own eyes the syrup thickened and stirred on our stovetop style heater, dripped over snow and rolled onto sticks as it cools. Often, we welcome guests to participate in the experience and roll their own! Licking the finished, soft, amber candy off its stick is the best part of the festivity, but there’s another irreplaceable experience in the process -- breathing deep the rich, creamy aroma of Pure Maple Syrup, steaming from the pot as it transforms into warm, oozy taffy. It’s a sensory enjoyment everyone wants at least once.

Contact us for more yummy details on how we can bring Canada’s sweetest tradition to your birthday, corporate gathering, reunion or other one-of-a-kind event. Gift your guests the complete experience of Taffy-on-Snow, for take-home memories from the day they spent with you.

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