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Pancake Weekends

Some changes are happening on the farm and this activity/event is no longer available. Learn more at Changes on the Farm .


A hideaway for families since 1994, our Pancake House’s cozy, 120-seat, fully-accessible, timber lodge is a sanctuary from the hustle of nearby tourist hubs, nestled amongst frolicking meadows on the rim of Niagara’s wine country. Here, our signature “done-from-scratch,” buttermilk pancakes, dished hot off the griddle and served with all-you-can-crave 100% pure maple syrup, are a famous local-fare, with our fluffy-on-the-fork French toast a “come-back-for-more” favourite. Notably recommended by our Pancake House staff, the slow-cooked, extra-creamy maple baked beans are a must try … and yes, the recipe is still a secret.

Want something different? Besides the ordinary sides: scrambled eggs, seasoned potatoes, real Canadian peameal bacon, and sizzling sausage unlike any before savoured between the great lakes; peel back the cup of our maple bran muffin, or bite into a zinging twist on that traditional breakfast staple, the bagel, with onion and chive maple cream cheese. MmmMmm. Aiming lighter? Spoon through our generous tower of fruit and homemade maple granola into a velvety yogurt parfait.

Finish off with a confident, aromatic maple coffee, accompanied by our renowned, truly Canadian, deeply-filled and sweetly-delicious, maple butter tart. Sip a smooth, steaming, maple tea over our buttery maple apple crisp, or come early to claim a slice of our decadent maple cheesecake.

We welcome your grumbly tummy to be satisfied by a hearty homestyle meal in The Pancake House.

For every pancake you savor in the Pancake House, 5 cents goes to breakfast programs across Niagara through Niagara Nutrition Partners! 

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