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The Sugar Bush Adventure

Some changes are happening on the farm and this activity/event is no longer available. Learn more at Changes on the Farm .

Welcome to the spotlight of our “Sugaring” Season festivities, when chilly nights and thawing days from mid-February through early April coax the sap to run and us to celebrate Canada’s 100% Pure Maple Syrup the best way we know how -- on an adventure into the heart of where the magic happens -- the sugar bush!

Speedy squirrels or meandering fawns, you and your family set your own pace on this self-guided Sugar Bush Adventure through our working forest. Visit the interactive stations along your route where the Natives retell the tales of maple syrup’s discovery and modern sugarmakers measure the girth of their trees. Jig with the pioneers to their favourite fiddle tunes while maple syrup boils over an open fire, or clasp the handles of a lumberjack’s saw to cut your own sugar bush bling. Whether you go to zigzag through the boggling sap line maze, swagger across the olde rickety bridge, or test your wingspan back-to-back with a mighty bird, fun times await in the sugar bush for the whole family. Let our period-dressed re-enactors answer your maple questions while they transport you across the awe-inspiring world of 100% Pure Maple Syrup.

Don’t miss the legendary, stick-to-your-lips delicious, sugaring-season tradition -- Taffy-on-Snow!

Both kiddie sleds, to save mom and dad’s tired arms, and portable washrooms are available on the Sugar Bush Adventure. For our resident critters’ happiness, pets and smoking are not permitted in the sugar bush. While how long you stay is up to you, we suggest you dress warm and expect to be entertained for 1-2 hours. Cameras are welcome, so keep them poised for chance wildlife encounters and family photobook moments you don’t want to miss on your Sugar Bush Adventure.

Hop on the Sugar Shuttle and explore the highlights of our stations on the bar to your left.

Shuttles to the sugarbush run continuously every 15 minutes on days in which the Sugar Bush Adventure operates.




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