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Sugar Bush Trek Update

Due to the rapidly changing situation around COVID-19 we are canceling our Sugar Bush Trek until further notice. Our Maple Sweets Shop will remain open during this time, however, due to food safety our Sugar Shack will be closed to the public while in production. We hope you stay safe and healthy over the coming weeks.


Every Trek begins amidst the central bustle of the farm. Here, hop aboard our sheltered, tractor-pulled Sugar Shuttle and meander over meadow and farmland to meet the ‘standing people’ -- as the natives called the maple trees.

Trail your guide on the same path our sugar-makers travel when they prepare the trees for Maple Syrup season, and visit the discovery stations that dapple our sugar bush. First stop, journey back in time to where legend-says Maple Syrup began…

Hear the tale of the axe that became the first maple tap, and the mother that found sisbaskwat in her cooking pot -- that’s Cree for ‘maple sugar’ -- at our Native Camp. Find out who the Natives shared their knowledge of ‘tree water’ with further in your Trek…

Pioneers brought utensils that made Maple Syrup production faster and more efficient. Though not like the equipment we have today, your guide will show you at the Pioneer Camp the practices that have stood the test of time.

The 1800’s brought an industrial revolution that quickened Maple Syrup production. Pause with your guide at the Flat Pan Station and weigh the similarities and differences between this device and today’s tools. Could the Flat Pan be a forefather to our modern evaporator? Why not ask your guide?

Wrap up the guided portion of your Trek at our Taffy Shack. Little has changed since the days pioneer children crowded dad’s pot, waiting for him to drizzle hot syrup on the snow for them to roll onto their sticks. Taffy-on-Snow is still a ‘must-taste at least once each sugar season’ tradition. Line up at our Taffy Shack as we heat our Maple Syrup, just as the pioneers did, in a cast iron pot over an open flame. Then we’ll ladle it onto our table of snow so you can roll your own ‘stick-to-your-lips’ delicious taffy -- a little treat to savour after your guide waves farewell and sets you off on your own exploration along the sugar bush trail.

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