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The Sweet Shop

Savoury sauces. Dressings. Chocolate or cheese. For every loved one on your list, we’ve got the perfect, unique gift they’ll never believe we made sweeter with pure maple syrup.

Discover Maple Tour

Ask your toughest questions as you discover the deeper workings of the maple forest like never before, from sugar shack to sugar bush -- guided by our expert sugar-maker.



That's Egg-tastic!

Join the Egg Club! Savor the difference “free-run and farm-fresh” makes with our Omega-3 chicken eggs. Then join the club, and get 1 dozen free for every 12 dozen you take home.

Farm Fresh Eggs

What’s just as wholesome as Pure Maple Syrup? Our free-run, farm-fresh, Omega-3 chicken eggs. Our hens, kept with tender loving care, share residence with us right on the farm.

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